Caryssa Perez

CTO of Iris Works. I live in Indianapolis with my partner, Irma. I like to code, cook, paint, and play D&D. Currently getting into Warhammer 40k. This blog documents my thoughts about the tech industry, best practices, my failures, with some random things I like sprinkled in.

Diversity and Inclusion

June 14, 20204 min read Personal

Whenever I hear about a company's diversity and inclusion initiatives, I expect to be disappointed. And that's a terrible thing to feel.


June 09, 20206 min read Math

This was my favorite course at Purdue. I'm just going to nerd out over it for a bit.

Building a UI Library

May 16, 20205 min read Code

I built a UI library when I started at Iris. It's one of the best things I've ever made.

Goals for this Blog

May 09, 20201 min read Personal

I wrote my last blog post last year. I was ashamed so I redid my site and wanted to talk about it.

🎉 I'm a CTO Now! 🎉

September 11, 20191 min read Personal

I haven't written anything in like 8 years but that's because right as I was trying to wrap up my Maxwell's equations series in May, I interviewed for a CTO position and got it!

I Learned Rust!

March 25, 20197 min read Code

I'm taking a break from Maxwell's Equations to talk about something else I've done recently: learned Rust.