Caryssa Perez

CTO of Iris Works. I live in Indianapolis with my partner, Irma. I like to code, cook, paint, and play D&D. Currently getting into Warhammer 40k. This blog documents my thoughts about the tech industry, best practices, my failures, with some random things I like sprinkled in.

Maxwell's Equations

October 11, 20184 min read ScienceMath

I learn best when I understand the high level overview of a topic. So when I want to learn about how computers work and why they work the way they work I need to start at the beginning: the fundamentals of electromagnetism.

Brushing Up On Some Math

August 28, 20189 min read Math

It's been a while since I've used the math I learned in high school and college. I wanted to review topics that I felt were relevant to understanding something like Maxwell's Equations, which I'll cover in my next post.

Big O

August 08, 20184 min read Code

Brief overview of Big O.